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Event Listing
How can I list my event?
It's very simple, all you need to do is click the Create Event link and enter a few details. You will need to log in at that page first by creating a username & password. We do that for security really. You will receive an email straight away and a link back to create your first event - Easy!
Is my event live straight away?
Honestly? No would be the answer to that. When you complete the details on the Create Event link, that data just comes to us. We take a look and do our best to check that the event actually exists, and then we manually create the event for you. Then it will be live. We do this as we feel that we have a responsibility to ticket purchasers, and to you, but also it may be that we need to get some further details from you just to make it all look good and accurate. As we are a small operation, dealing on a personal basis comes more naturally to us, as we want to have a long term relationship with you and your events.
We only have a small event - It's not worth it, is it?
You are exactly the people we are here to help. A lot of small groups, charities, clubs, etc all have the feeling that selling tickets on line is not for them.
Well, how do you know until you try? We love dealing with the smaller organisations and it costs nothing to list your event - so it's a no lose situation for you.
I usually look after the ticket sales myself, collecting cheques and cash, and posting tickets. Can I still do that?
If you do that, well that is just great, and you can continue to do so if you wish. But it really is a task to contact likely purchasers, collect the cheques, go to the bank, print the tickets, put them in an envelope, stick a stamp on there and then walk to the post box. But if that is what you like to do ....
You could consider listing a few tickets on the site for your event, and just see how that works out. You may find that it really does take the pressure off, and when a contact says " Can I buy these on line?" The answer would be a big "Of Course You Can"
I usually collect payments for my events by cash or cheque mailed to me. Can I still do this?

If you really want to, the answer is yes. You can choose how you wish to be paid for the tickets sold through our site on your behalf. You can either:

  • Sell Online - that is with customers making the payment at the time the buy the tickets
  • Sell Offline - that is where the ticket is reserved but not confirmed until payment is received by you, for instance by cheque or cash payment
  • Sell both Offline & Online - the purchaser gets that choice when they select the tickets they need.
Do you charge a fee on top of the ticket price?
When you submit your event details to us we would expect you to consider that.
In many cases we do not charge anything at all. For instance if you do not charge for tickets or you are a charity.
Our only fee is 39p and when you create your event price structure you can either add that to the ticket price, or just absorb it as a cost of doing business. If you tell us your ticket price is £10 each we would look to collect 39p for each sale from you after your event. We do not add any commission, service fees, delivery fees, transaction fees or whatever else they are described as from any of the customers who buy tickets through our site.
How do I collect payment for tickets sold?
We work with PayPal for all the ticket sales.
PayPal is a great tool for the small business, or individual really. The rates they charge to process payments are very competitive, Currently just 34p for a ticket priced at £10, plus 20p for the transaction. That is less than the cost of the stamp to mail the ticket you just took a cheque for.

We would expect you to have your own PayPal account. It's free to set up, you only need an email address, and you can do that right now Create a Paypal account here.

When you list your event, all you do is enter the email address you used to set up your Paypal account, and all the ticket sales will come directly to you as each ticket is sold.
Do I need my own PayPal account?
Not at all, but it will be better for you in the long run, as you can transfer funds directly from there into your own bank account, plus you will be able to download a record of all your income and expenses.
What if I don't want a PayPal account?
If you decide that you do not want to use your own PayPal account, or you don't want to have a PayPal account, we can collect payments for you, and then forward them on to you when your event is finished. We do charge a small percentage on that to cover the costs of the card charges and our admin. You can find out more through this link
Do you only use Paypal for web payments
To be honest they have been in the market for so long, and trusted by millions worldwide, it's just sensible to do so. They do not hold any payments as these are paid into the customers account at the time of the sale. Their commission rates are just about the same as others in the same market. There are no fees for any disputes, as some companies will charge £15 or more if a customer disputes payment and the dispute is upheld. Most of our customers are on the smaller event side, so a quick and easy solution like Paypal works just fine.
Do ticket buyers need a PayPal account?
No. If they have one, and most do they will just use that. If they do not have an account they can pay with their debit or credit card in the usual manner. There are no extra fees for credit or debit card use.
We do not charge for tickets, but need customers to have proof they have signed up for our event. How can I do that?
Well it's simple really. When you create your tickets just call them Free Entry or Registration Only and enter a price of £0.00. That will ensure that they will receive a ticket like a paid event, you will receive a notification too, and they have to provide a phone number. Just like a regular ticket purchase.
We do not have a website. How can we sell tickets?
You don't need a website of your own. The events are listed on our site and we market them for you that way and over social media too.
When your event is listed, we will send you a specific link to your events that you can either email out to customers, or add to any printed material you have. We may even be able to help you with a website of your own too. Take a look here for how you can do that.
What are the costs to me to set the event up?
Absolutely nothing - it's FREE to list your events, and always will be.
Can I sell tickets on this site and in other ways, like by telephone?
Yes you can. If you have 50 tickets, and only want to list 20 on your event the choice is yours. If you find you sell those quickly and want to add a few more, you can do that too.
What if I sell only Free tickets?
If your tickets are priced at £0.00, the event is still FREE to list, and there are absolutely NO CHARGES from us, just use the system to help.
 I have an odd event that may not fit with this event listing system, or I want something specific. What can you do about that
Contact Us, and let us know what you need. We have created some pretty smooth methods of managing events for other groups. Do not be afraid to ask, and we will do what we can to help. You can see more details on this link
 Do I need an account?
We ask that event organisers register with us and get a username and password. We do this so that we have your details to manage any fees due, and to help should there be any dispute with ticket sales.
You will need an account to sell tickets or create registrations, and you can start that process by clicking here. That link will lead you to the Registration page.
Customers who buy tickets, are also allocated user details at the point of sale, as it is important as we send out newsletters with event details that may make the difference between actually getting tickets before they are sold out.
How do I create an account?
To list an event just go to the Create Event link where you can enter details to generate log in details, all you will need at that stage is your name and email address. If you are already logged in the same link will remember your details and you can continue to create your event without logging in again.
Help! I cannot log in as I have forgotten my username or password.
Just Click HERE for a forgot password link, where you will be able to recover / re-set your password or username.
How to I get my tickets?  
All tickets are delivered by email to the address you specified when you placed the order. Usually the tickets arrive within seconds, but sometimes at busy server times they can be delayed a little.
Tickets can also find their way into your spam / junk folder, so please take a look there if you cannot locate them.
When you make a purchase the event organiser also receives an email to let them know that you have bought tickets. Each event has the contact details of the event organiser shown, so if there is an issue with tickets please contact the Event Organiser direct as they can re-send your ticket. If all else fails, use our contact form and we will help where we can.
I have not received an email from you with tickets, what do I need to do?
As above really - the Event Organisers details are on each event, so you could give them a call. They will know that you have purchased tickets as they receive an email confirming that.
Again, you can contact us through our contact form if necessary, but as most events are managed by each Event Organiser direct, it would be better to contact them.
 Can I order by phone?
Yes you can purchase by phone, each event has the Event Organisers contact details, so if you wish to call them to buy your tickets you can do so. It will be quicker, and easier for you though, just to buy them from the event page direct.
What are your standard terms and conditions of sale?
Click here to view our Terms and Conditions.
 Which payment methods do you accept?
All ticket purchases are managed by PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, you may use that to purchase your tickets, if you do not have a PayPal account, you may use your Visa or Mastercard cards at the checkout.
Do you charge a booking fee?
Absolutely Not. The ticket price that you see displayed, is the total price you pay. The ticket price is listed directly by the event organiser, and is the price you pay
 Refunds & Exchanges
Can I get a refund for tickets I have bought?
Once you have purchased a ticket, there can be no refunds
If the event is full, are there ever any extra tickets available?
Occasionally extra tickets are made available for certain events. Sometimes the capacity of an event may be increased for all kinds of reasons, and that usually occurs close to the date of the event..The best way to keep in touch with what is happening is to Sign Up for our newsletter. Click here to sign up to our newsletter.
Do you have a refunds policy?
Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged after you have completed a purchase except for in the following circumstances:
If the Event Organiser fails to fulfil an order, you will be entitled to a full refund.
If an event is cancelled, moved to another date, or if there are significant changes to the event, for example change of venue, or significant changes to the entertainment, and you no longer want to go to the event, you must contact the Event Organiser shown on the event listing, who will only refund the face value of the ticket(s) to the card that was used to pay for them.
Generally the Event Organiser will only give refunds when they have received the tickets that you want to return and only in the circumstances mentioned above. It is your responsibility to ensure that make these arrangements with the Event Organiser shown on the Event Listing.
I need to exchange my tickets as I cannot make the event. Can I do that?
Unfortunately not. We cannot offer refunds or exchanges unless an event is cancelled, postponed or the content significantly changed, and as the event is posted and managed by the Event Organiser shown on each event, that decision will be theirs, and you must contact them direct.