Event Registration

Event Registration Service

Event Registration is a little different to ticket sales. 

Ticket sales are usually for something like a concert where the Event Organiser just needs to know the number of tickets, the price paid and the ticket number.

Event Registrations are all of the above but with the added feature of flexibility. That is the flexibility to capture any type of information you need from the entry to your event.

For example:

Perhaps you have a vehicle show where you invite entrants to come along, without payment or maybe with a registration fee. You need their name, address, phone and email, but also their vehicle Make, Model, Year, Registration Number, Colour or whatever else you would like to capture. Perhaps you need that information to be available to view by the public to attract extra visitors.

Perhaps you have a village Fete where you need to manage Vendors, Stalls, Stands, Entertainment. Allocate spaces, collect payments and communicate instructions.

The list goes on, but basically it is our Event Registration Process you really need, as we can build that to your exact requirements. It is a little difficult to quote a cost on providing that service, as it very much depends on what you need, and how much you want to be involved in the process. But it's fair to say that we can provide an automated registration service for an event like a car show from 20p per registration, payable on conclusion of your event. Take a look at the Event Registrations Pricing Page just to see what your income would be

Just think how much time and effort that could save you! 

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Problems Solved - Event Registrations Streamlined

We would ask you to let us know what information you need to obtain from your customers.

How many entrants do you expect?

Contact details

Specific registration details, like stall size, products for sale, locations, etc

Vehicle types and details

Specific information that you need to include

Will you be making a charge for registrations? Donations perhaps? How do you wish to collect payment? Online, cash, cheque at entry? Do you need us to handle that or will it be something you will do

Once we have that information, we can give you a specific quote, but generally the quote will be based on how much time you need from us to manage your entrants once the system is set up.

We create a page for you where registrants enter the details you need, and submit that information to you. They receive a copy, with your contact details and you receive a copy. The data is stored in a table and we will provide you an entry list for your event. If that is all you need we will usually just charge you 20p per registration.

If you need to add payments, donations, live public view, then take a look at our Event Registration Pricing Page for more details.

You can collect payments online direct to your account, or we can do so for you. Just let us know what your needs are and we will begin a conversation with you that WILL increase your entrants, attendees and income.

Just use the Contact link on the left, or above to send us an email, or call us to get the ball rolling on this. If you want an example of how we have helped Grantown Motormania - a Highland Car Show go from 200 entries to an event maximum of over 500 entries in 3 years, just take a look at their website at motormania.etikx.co.uk