Ticket Sales - If you are currently selling tickets by ANY method, we will be able to help you sell more, increase revenue AND make the process much easier for your customers and your Event Organiser.

When a customer makes a purchase, or registers for a free event, they automatically receive a ticket entry by email. That is their proof that they have paid / entered, and this is what you will be able to accept on the door at your event.

The ticket contains the following details:

Event Date

Event Title

Event Date

Event LocationTicket Sales with no fee - Create your event now

Ticket Number

Event Organisers Details and Phone Number

Ticket / Entry Price Paid

All that seems pretty obvious, but what they have now is a document with all the details they need to access your event, and a receipt for their payment. If there are any issues they have your contact details.

All the ticket sales for your event are available to view through the admin panel on the website. You will be able to log in there, and carry out certain tasks including:

View / Edit and Print the current status of ticket sales.

Re-send tickets to any customer who has not received them.

Update any customer record, for example if their contact details change, correct spelling errors, or if you have elected to take alternate payment, you can mark tickets paid and send them to the customer as such.

Deal with any ticket returns or cancellations you may wish to accept.

Download event ticket sales data. This is useful if you need to show others in your group the current ticket sales status

Print / Download an entry list for the door of the event. The entry list shows the ticket details, along with the Specific Ticket number for each ticket - that will prevent multiple use of the same ticket.

Administration is all pretty straightforward, and you will have access to your ticket sales admin panel when your event is created and you are registered.