Event Ticket Sales Made to Measure

We are here to help those Charities, Community Groups, Societies and Individuals who have a need to sell tickets and registration facilities for their events, by providing Event Ticket Sales.

We are a small UK family business that has grown as a result of providing event registrations, & event ticket sales for small community groups. As a result we can provide a tailored service to fit YOUR own needs, AND we DO NOT ADD ANY FEES to your customers.

Because you are even reading this, you see the value that can be added to your own events.

  • you have never considered that online marketing of your event has been the right way to go,
  • you don't even have your own website,
  • you feel that this is all too complicated for you.

Well if that is the case, just consider how you are dealing with registrations and tickets at the moment, and consider how easy it could be to increase the number of sales just by setting up a service like ours.

Why Should You Sell Tickets with Us?

  • It's FREE to set up
  • If you Do Not Sell any tickets through our service - then there is nothing to pay. So you have nothing too lose!
  • If you are selling manually, for instance through printed material and receiving payments by cash, cheque, etc through the mail,  working online WILL increase the number of sales you make.
  • You will reach people as never before AND generate more revenue.
  • If you are looking for event entries, these WILL increase by working online. We work with some groups who now have to set a maximum amount of entries they can take as a result of registration packages.
  • No more trips to the Post Office. Tickets and entries are all done automatically. Customers receive tickets / entry details direct by email.
  • The Event Organiser receives an email each time a ticket is sold or entry made.
  • The Event Organiser can manage entry lists and details.
  • Payment is received directly immediately a ticket or entry is made.
  • The service can operate alongside your current methods, and you may use the admin section to keep track of your sales - both online and off line.

To sell tickets or Registrations, all you need do is register your name and email address, fill in the Create Event form, and we will do the rest for you. When we have set your event up, we will send you a link that you can add to your own website that will allow your customers to purchase your event tickets directly. You will receive an email, and payment, each time you make a sale, and you can download all your ticket sales, along with an event entry list so you can check off each ticket - it really is that simple!

If you do not currently have a website, we can provide one for your group, which will include an email address if you need one, and direct links to your own ticket sales.

We know you may have some questions, so if you want to ask anything before you proceed further, you can use the Contact link  to ask anything you wish, or take a look at our Help Section as you may find the answer there.